What we Do

The Instant School App Platform allows you the School to build your own Mobile School App to enrich the relationship between your School and its Parents with a few easy steps.





Safety & Security

How it Works

Start your 30 Day Free Trial

After 30 Days select and Pay only for the Modules you want to use

Monetize your App by selling Ad space with Friends in Education

Use LemonPay to accept online payments for School Fees and Events

Our Modules

Push Notifications

Free unlimited push notifications to Groups or individuals.


Unlimited Newsletter Uploads via PDF or URL

Homework Management

Load Student Homework per Class and individual

Request Management

Students can be reported absent, requested to be collected earlier and bully reporting.

Report Cards

Display Student report card to Parents via the App

Online Registrations

White labled registration forms on your website with workflow

Gallery Management

Post pictures of events to Parents on the App

Staff Directory

Make your App complete by displaying your Staff strength

RSS Feeds

Easily feed your Parents Breaking news and Sport Scores

Why Choose Us

Cloud Technology

Our Platform rests in the cloud and we make use of Microsoft Azure to comply with all GDPR and POPI regulations. We are the safest solution by far, and Parents only view information of Students relevant to them.


Our prices are the best in the Industry, you also only pay for what you want to use. See it as a Pay as you Go solution. You can aso cancel anytime as there are no lenghty contracts, just another reason to use us.


Our Support is second to none, we also support your Parents, we offer a support desk that handles tickets, email and even telephone support. Best of all is it is included in your Monthly fee.

Revenue Stream

Your App can earn your School Money by selling ad space to businesses in your community on our Friends in Education Platform, your School will earn 50% of the income of ads sold by your School every month.