Communicate with your parents easily through Push Notification Technology,

Have the capibility to message individuals or groups with ease.

No more expences with costly Bulk SMS Systems as Push Technology is Free

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Friends in Education

Through our Friends in Education Program we Subsidise your App’s cost by allowing local business owners in your community to advertise on your School’s App to all the Parents of your School.

Your School will receive 20% of Ad income related to your School App on local Ads every month.

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Instant Report Bullying

Without question the biggest problem in our Schools today,

The fear of going to a Adult or Teachers is one of the biggest hurdles a victim of Bullying has to go through. with the App a Student or Parent can now report incidents with the click of a button.

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Instant Apply For Leave

No more School Admin Staff being bombarded with Phone calls related to Absenteeism or to request early release from School,

With the App Parents can easily select their Child, Date, type the reason and even upload a doctor’s note.

All requests will be stored for later reference if needed and can be exported to send to the Department of Education.

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