What is Friends in Education?

Friends in Education is the Marketing side of your School’s Mobile App. It allows you the School to sell ad space on your App to businesses, even to companies you already have a relationship with to get extra attention from the Students and Parents from your School.

How it Works

Load Advertiser Details

From your Admin Dashboard simply load the Advetisers details, the system will do the rest by sending a custom email to the advertiser with all the info and login details needed.

Advertiser logs in

Once advertiser logs into their portal they are required to pay the monthly fee, once paid they will have access to send special and promotional offers to the users of your School App. They will however only see names, no personal details are available to advertisers.

Your App is now monetized

Great Job, you have monetized your App, your accounts department will receive a report with all the ads sold and paid on your App, simply send an Invoice for the amount and get paid every month your advertiser pays. 

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